frequently asked questions

A: Sober living provides a transitional, safe environment for people in recovery as they  progress out of an inpatient or detox facility. At Tharros, clients are supported  and provided  with structure to reintegrate and re-­connect to society, free of drugs and alcohol. Many clients find strength through shared experiences and comradery that exists within the Tharros House community.  Tharros offers a significant amount of structure, and we empower you to choose what is good for you.  For example, you can participate in Yoga and Mindfulness, or evening reflections meetings, if you find those helpful for you.  We do ask that if you choose Tharros, you commit to attending morning meetings Monday-Friday, our Sunday meeting, and some community activities (approximately 5-8 hours per week total commitment).  The remaining structure offered is optional for you, any most clients participate in a good portion of that optional structure.

A: Each person is unique, so it’s best to look at each as an individual.  Research shows the longer someone in recovery stays in a structured, sober environment, the better the  chances of sustained sobriety. We ask clients to commit to a minimum of 30 days, but  we encourage you to consider and plan on 6 months to 1 year, or longer (total, including less structured housing). We understand  the trials of wanting to get back into work and life obligations. We feel confident, together  we can work out a solution that allows each client a successful plan.  You are the one deciding what you need, and we will provide options for continued support through less structures housing, continued accountability testing, and other supports.

A: Our sober living is located steps from the center of Lexington and easily accessible to public transportation. We also provide reasonable local transportation at no additional cost. This may include recovery appointments, gym, market trips, and the Alewife red line T – Station. We also allow residents to use Uber and Lyft as economical means of transportation. Both of these services are readily available in our area.  You are able to have a car at Tharros, and we typically ask that the first two weeks you use our transportation, then have full access to your car.

A: As we mentioned, each individual is unique. If getting back into work or school is of  great concern, let us know. We understand that you may feel like you’ve wasted time  with your addiction.  While it may not be the best choice to get back to working right  away, we will work with you to achieve your goals safely.

A: Tharros House guarantees a safe, supportive and sober environment. Your personal sobriety is your journey and we’re here to provide tools and to support your success. All clients regularly undergo random urine testing conducted by an outside lab and by Tharros House team members, who may require instant UA tests at anytime. Clients should expect to be tested 3 times per week, or more.

A: Absolutely! Building community here at Tharros is part of your recovery! With our  open door policy, former residents who continue with their sobriety are welcome  to visit Tharros House.

A: Please contact our team at 617.697.1218 or contact us via our contact page in the links at the top and bottom of the page.  We will help you determine if Tharros House is a good fit.  We know many resources in the area and our goal will be to help you get the best care for your situation, even if we are not a match for your needs.

A: Insurance companies view sober living environments as a person’s residence, which means that they do not cover the cost of Tharros, or any other sober living home.  There are a number of sober homes in Massachusetts that offer various levels of service and support.  At Tharros, our experienced 6-member team, plus outside providers, empower you with individualized support.  Our fees are $9,500.00 per month for a double room.  Single rooms are also available, starting at $12,500.00.   Fees include transportation to local meetings and appointments, all household essentials, food for all meals (cooking instruction with private chefs, take out night, etc), and 24/7 staff support.  There are no add-on fees. For a less structured approach for those ready to return to full time work, we invite you to learn more about Teras House

A: Once you’ve developed a good foundation in your recovery, you will reach a point where you will be ready to move on from the level of support at Tharros.  Some clients work on rebuilding family relationships with the intention of moving back with their family.  For others, their next step is a more independent living situation.  Tharros offers a less structured home in Lexington called Teras, which still has 24/7 support and accountability.  We also offer a third home in Belmont MA, which is a much more independent.  This home has live-in support, but not a 24/7 support team. The home offers all single rooms (6 bedrooms, 3.5 baths) for those who have developed a foundation at Tharros and/or Teras, and desire continued accountability and community, without the same level of support and structure at Tharros or Teras.  Residents in Belmont benefit from continued engagement with our team through one on one weekly mentoring, Sunday meetings, and other activities which they want to join.  The home has many of the amenities that Tharros offers, but is designed for those ready to live independently.  It’s common for clients to spend 4-8 months in Tharros and/or Teras before moving to Belmont, but every case is unique.  Costs are $4250.00 per month for a single room at the Belmont home.