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I am writing this letter to share our family’s gratitude regarding the high level of care and attentive service awarded to our son. When introduced to Paul Gardner and his associates, we were both very hopeful but legitimately skeptical. As since discovered, many families find themselves in this oxymoronic situation. I guess that families always want to believe the person who tells them that they have the solution to a family member’s woes – but often that optimism fades into the reality that was blinded by a willingness to be led by most anybody with a new approach and different language to address the same challenges. So we were going to be better consumers this time – listening and learning but respectfully challenging, staying somewhat close but never overbearing, and most importantly measuring the deliverables after just a few short weeks. We began to replace our skepticism with a trusting calmness that was apparent within this new community of professionals and carefully chosen housemates surrounding our son.

“Hi Paul,

Although [my wife] has done most of the communication with you, I have always read, and we have always discussed your emails and communications. As [client]’s Father, I just want to personally say thank you for all you have done for our son. I know [client’s mother] has expressed our sentiment on many occasions, but I wanted to take this opportunity to say it myself. When we setup an intervention for [client] in April of 2016, we had no idea where this would take us but we knew we had to do something to help our son. [Our son’s] recovery has certainly not been an easy journey but I am thrilled to see and hear how well he is doing today! Most of [our son’s] recovery has been at places far from us, which has made it stressful because we are relying on programs and people we really don’t know much about.

Thank you

"Proud Father”

“My husband and I, CANNOT say enough wonderful things about Tharros House. Our son, who, in January received his 2 year medallion, has spent time there and then at their step down houses. We were so relieved when he got help and detoxed, that we couldn’t see beyond our relief. We were living in a fairy tale for a short time and then we started talking with the therapists about what would happen when he left. He wasn’t prepared for everyday life. During the years of use, he hadn’t grown up in many ways, he needed help in putting one foot in front of the other. The first 6 months is so important. The old helpless feeling swept over us, what do we do? It became very clear, very soon, that a sober house was the best route. Tharros House stood out among the others for the personal service, clinicians to help every step, rules that made sense, and a welcoming attitude for our whole family. For my husband and I, it meant that we could do the same thing.We had lost touch with everyday life, we got by, now we, also, could put one foot in front of the other to resume a more normal life.

“Dear Paul,

Our family could never thank you enough for the help and support [Client] has received at Tharros House to begin the process of recovery. You helped a young man who was lost, confused and frightened with feelings of failure and desperation unable to overcome his addiction. With your patience and guidance, he was able to find the correct footing to face the challenges and continue the path to adult behavior and responsibility. Your entire approach of treatment has enabled him to heal and grow with new awareness and hope for a positive future while learning a healthy alternative lifestyle. [Client] will face obstacles but has gained new insights to help him achieve better life skills. We are grateful to you for the continued support and encouragement you offer [Client]. Without your program his future was bleak but we are hopeful now and know it would not have been possible without you and Tharros House. To say thank you does not seem adequate for the positive effect your program has had on [Client]’s life but we do thank you and hope for many others that your work continues.


I want to thank you and your team at Tharros house for all you did over the past three months for my son. The personal development that I have witnessed over this time is nothing short than a miracle. Your compassion combined with accountability and individual attention is nothing I have ever seen in the many sober houses and programs that my son has attended. Your collaborative approach is so sensible yet missing from the other program/houses I have experienced. My son is leaving Tharros house with hope, something he has not had for a very long time. My wife and I have renewed hope that we thought we had lost.”

“Thanks for everything you have done for [Client]. We will be forever thankful to you and your team”